Friday, September 28, 2012

The 13 Project

 Thanks to one of my favorite blogs,
Pretty Fluffy, for such a fabulous idea!
What a better way to end 2012,
than creating 13 goals for the 13 weeks left in the year
to help my favorite creatures on the planet.
You know what those creatures are, right?!
Now do you remember?
My best furry friends....Dogs.
love my friends
I can't imagine my life without a dog and thankfully I've never had to. 
When one best friend goes to heaven, God sends me another...
Oh man!  I can't wait to get to heaven and see them all again.  That is going to be an amazing day!
This is Murphy's girl-friend, IO. 
We just LOVE HER!
Just another amazing example of the kind of love waiting at a shelter to be adopted. 
IO was given a second-chance home,
and Murphy and I are so lucky that she was adopted into our neighborhood!
Unfortunately, not every furry friend is as lucky as Murphy and IO.
So this is how I'm going to help throughout 2013.
1. Promote animal projects and events in my classroom to build awareness and involvement with my students.
2.Volunteer to help at a local fundraiser with DoveLewis Animal Hospital
3. Organize a craft night with my friends to cut and sew dog beds for Fences for Fidos.
4. Donate monthly to Charlie Fund, helping abused animals get the care and treatment that they deserve.  Abuse should never, never happen...but if it does we can help them heal.
5. Create an animal events board in my classroom.
6. Sew dog toys and make dog rope toys to donate to a local animal shelter.
7. Purchase a 2013 DoveLewis Calendar- all proceeds go to the DoveLewis Blood Bank.
8. Write one blog post about animal advocacy, events or organization each month.
9. Walk my neighborhood and pick up animal waste, especially in the park. Not everyone picks up the poop.
10.  Leave extra dog waste bags at the park to encourage others to pick up the poop.
(Most do...but some don't.)
11. Use Pinterest to show amazing animals that need homes in my area.
12. Instead of Christmas gifts, encourage friends to bring a bag of dog or cat food to donate to The Pongo Fund.
13. Strut our stuff at Strut Your Mutt walk for the Best Friends Animal Society.

This list makes me so happy!!! I'm not going to wait to get started...Murphy and I walk everyday so today is better than ever to get started in my park. :0)
true, so true
Don't you want to awake your soul?
Join me and Pretty Fluffy in The 13 Project.
Maybe you can create your own list, or help with mine...

Wagging tails and big hearts will thank you!


  1. Thank YOU so much for joining The 13 Project Lori! I've had fun clicking through all the amazing links you have to help animals - you're an inspiration! I really love #5 too - I think if children grow up loving and caring for animals, the world will be much better place in the future xx

    1. This has been so fun to start working on! Thank you for posting this idea...I get overwhelmed with how to help my favorite organizations, but this has help get the word out and help my friends and family to get involved. My students are always interested in animals too. We have a pet wall in the room already, for those tough days when our pets are the comfort that we need. :0) I'm hoping that each year I can help them see how important it is to care for the animals around us. :0)